Pentax K7 SLR Review - A Sensational SLR

Pentax K7 Digital SLR

Pentax K7 SLR Digital Camera

The new Pentax K7 camera which uses all the latest and most up to date features and has been made for simple operation stands on the K range of Pentax DSLR cameras at the high end.

This Pentax K7 SLR Digital Camera offers revised auto-focus algorithms, four channel read-out, 14.6mp sensor and 18-55mm Lens.

In addition there is the feature offering high-speed continuous shooting, face recognition built in and with a bow to the glass prism finder on the camera an optical viewfinder where virtually 100% of field vision is shown. One gets a terrific view of any pictures shot on the 3 inch LCD monitor while they can also review images being taken on the monitor thanks to the Live View facility.

30 frames per minute is the speed of the HD movie facility on the K7 model and the superior quality-720x1280 pixels still imagery is another great feature.

The shutter is incredibly quiet and it's 1/8000th shutter speed is impressive, something often overlooked at this level. The quietness of it is so important at those particular occasions such as weddings when all interrupting sound is frowned upon.

Still another outstanding feature is the shake-reducing one which by lowering the speed of the shutter by four shutter stops compensates for any camera shaking. And for those people who enjoy experimenting with various different lenses they will be happy to know it works perfectly with any Pentax interchangeable lens. Those currently owning a Pentax will be heartened to know the majority of their old lenses will indeed fit.

With the K7 model, Pentax has once again come up with an top class model. The waterproof and hard-wearing body that encases the model has been specifically made to be extremely durable and easy to carry. The truth is whatever someone is seeking in a digital SLR will be found here with this new Pentax.

With so many modern and outstanding features this model is a true winner just like all of the other Pentax DSLR cameras are. Anyone looking to buy one should not hesitate at all.

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