Actioncam Action Video Sports Camera Review

Actioncam Action Waterproof Sports Camera

I love being outdoors and have been an avid mountain biker for many years now. All of my adventures are well known to my friends, coworkers and family. After one particularly fanciful story, most of which was true, a buddy gifted me the Action-cam Waterproof Sports Camcorder. He’d been threatening to do so for several months now so it wasn’t too much of a surprise after it appeared in my hand with the order to bring it with me when I go “take on the mountain.”

My first thought of this waterproof camcorder was its size. It neatly fit in my palm and promised to deliver quality images worthy of an expensive sports camera . My friends are not known for giving extravagant presents so I knew it was reasonably priced. And to be honest I didn’t think it could do much of anything special. Boy was I proved wrong!

Given the fact that I had absolutely zero experience with any waterproof camera I was understandably excited and a little intimidated to find out if a fool like me could figure out how to use it. First I put in one of my extra SD memory cards and shot some video. To take the video I pushed one button to start and then the same button to stop. Single button operation is perfect because I need to focus on my sport and not on operating a camera. In biking minor injuries are common and seriously debilitating accidents are a real possibility when you ride like I do so anything that acts as a distraction has to be put to the side. There’s no way possible to make an easier to use sports camera, period.

Next, the field test. The video was great in the trial but how would it do on the mountain? Again I had my doubts. But this awesome little sports camera would show me more than I could imagine. The video was flawless, and there was even great sound because of the built in microphone! As a matter of fact, I’m sorry to say but some of my crashes are more spectacular than the tricks I pull. Whoever built this thing really knew what they were doing!

Now there really isn’t anything I don’t use it for. I have taken it, fishing, hiking, rafting, and even skydiving. And the possibilities are endless. For anyone who wants a waterproof camera that performs beyond the norm this is it. Strap it on any secure surface and, BAM, perfect shots every single time. I have never told more people about any product in my entire life. As a matter of fact I should get a commission for every waterproof camcorder they sell in my city.

Seriously, everyone can use it from eight to eight-eight. You don’t have to be a raging mountain biker or a wacked out BASE jumper to use it. I have taken with me when I go riding with my kids around the block. I even have my son wear it when he takes cricket practice. Because it is attached to his helmet I can see what he sees and make adjustments to his play in the field. And you should see some of the video my daughter gets. She is going to be a star one day, I just know it.

Even my parents, who literally are eighty-eight, have a good time with the one I sent them. Because it’s so easy to use they get to share the events in their lives with us all the time. Having a permanent record of them in something I can never put a price on.

When I look back at all the value I have gotten from this little camera, I am astonished. If I knew that my life would be this enhanced from one little gift I would have kissed my pal right on the face. I have tried to do that very thing a few times now and he’ll have none of it!

And I want you to know I really do let people know how great this product is and I have no problem telling someone that they are a complete idiot if they pass up the chance to get their hands on one. At the very least, if they don’t like it, they can give it someone who will take advantage of it like I did.

Again I would like to just say thanks to whoever made this waterproof camera and if they ever want a kiss on the face just come on over.

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